The Downtime Before The Uptick

It's me!

It's quiet for a bit. Fresno Rogue festival has ended, and the next festival is over a month away. As it looks currently, "Rosegold" is set up to be in SIX! more festivals this year... a plus side of virtual times from the price of COVID. I'll be announcing those soon, and I'll let y'all know when tickets are available.

In the meantime, I'm gearing up for changes. I'll be returning to Portland area after a full year of hunkering down with my family. I am eternally grateful, but we're all ready for me to GTFOH. In a couple of weeks, I'll be on the road, freshly vaccinated, and with time that has to be filled with the hustle.

What's on the list? Things that have been pushed aside for decades. Finding an agent. Figuring out how to create professional-level home recordings of voice overs. Learning how to use video editing software. Writing. Allowing for free-form creation. Practicing musical instruments. Caring for my health. Taking more acting classes.

So, maybe you are wondering, "Donna, you're $* years old! Why haven't you done these things before now?"

I can give you the silver-lined answer: "All things must come in their own time! It is never too late to achieve your dreams!"

I can also give you the jaded answer: "There is a financial paywall that keeps many people from 'moving forward' in their careers. You are a small business when working as an independent artist, and the capital needed to invest in starting your business is hard to come by. Most 'successful' actors (when defined in conventional terms of how much money you are making) have started from a state of having been given a nest egg, having exceptional 'other' employment that allows for bending entirely to the schedule of a scrambling actor, or they have a partner that helps support them, giving them the time they need to give the job of acting the time it needs. It's a harsh but true reality. Exceptions occur, yes, for people that are exceptionally talented or/ and are remarkably beautiful. But, you cannot judge the worth of an actor by their successes in a very commercialized industry. You wouldn't judge a carpenter's fine cabinetry skills as lesser if they must be throwing up frames regularly to make ends meet. You wouldn't judge a start-up restaurant as lesser because they developed their recipes in their home on late nights after working a 40-week as a secretary. The same applies to performers."

But the true answer is: "I've had challenges, I've had insecurity, and I've had lack-of-drive. The Why it was that way is not important. It just is what it is."

So, better late than never, right? Right?...

Well, the important part is, IT'S TIME TO GET THE BALL ROLLING. And I may need help gaining momentum. And one way you can help all performing artists is to spread the word of artists' shows.

To help you spread the word of Rosegold, here's a nice little trailer I have made. Share away!

Also, thank you for reading. Your simple presence is great support, and I appreciate YOU.