All The Festivals!

Well hi, peoples!

There’s been an upside to this pandemic, and it is virtuality!… Virtualness?… Being virtuant?…

Howe’er you say it, it has made it much easier to be in more than one place at a time, which means I’m participating in a LOT of festivals this summer (relative terms, both LOT and Summer). So far, I am set up to do virtual festivals in:

Pittsburg May 6th-9th

Orlando June 4th-18th * (please note the big ol’ (relative term) asterisk here)

Denver June 24th-27th

Kansas City July 18th-August 1st

Minnesota August 5th-15th

Boulder August 11-27th

But you did notice that (relatively) big ol’ asterisk, yes? That’s because I will also be at Orlando Fringe IN PERSON! May 18th-31st. It will mark the live performance debut of “Rosegold”, and I am eager and excited to see the original concept come to life.

So, maybe you’re thinking, “Donna, you’re going to Florida during a pandemic… what the hell?!” And trust me, I’ve had that thought. But the festival will be handled with all the safety and pandemic etiquette as dictated by legal laws and plain ol’ common sense. (They have a staff member dedicated to overseeing the safety of all.) So please please please, if you know anybody in the Orlando area, even blood relativelies, please send them my way!

On related notes (that’s a compounded pun, as will soon be revealed), I was subject of an interview by a talented friend named Tony Imperatrice. He is an organist, and he has been doing live mini-concerts and interviews with other artists as a weekly Sunday live stream. You can hear some truly fantastic music and an interview with li’l ol’ me popped right in the middle of it. Also, you can see all of the past episodes, and watch future live streams on his YouTube channel here.

On a more personal note, this next week marks my return to Oregon. I have been pandemic hunkered with my family in my hometown of Lake Jackson, TX since last April. It has been wonderful and hard. Like many, I have been through a lot during this past year, and it will take some time to recover. But the stability and opportunities staying with my generous family has afforded me, for that I am eternally thankful. I hope to put some of those sharpened skills to good use VERY soon. So hold me to it, friends. Help me keep my feet to the fire. Which sounds cruel, but I give you permission with enthusiastic consent.

Happy Spring, everyone. Time for renewed growth.