…And we’re off! (Into Online@theSpaceUK season 2)

2021 is underway… we think. Here, in the U.S, we have been cast in live-action role-playing Greek Tragi-Comedy of Shakespearean proportions with as much swearing as a Mamet play, as many villains and sycophantic toadies as the whole Harry Potter Universe, as much insipid drivel disguised as intelligence as an episode of “Big Bang Theory” (no offense to the delightfully-skilled actors in that show), and as many mixed metaphors and inaccurate grammar as this convoluted, rambling, down-right Dickensian bitch of a sentence….

Y’all, we’re tired. (Hell, I just wore myself out falling into the rabbit hole of examples for the imbedded links in the above sentence.)

That is why I am so very glad that Online@theSpaceUK Season 2 is well underway. This is your chance to get a taste of the joy of Fringe Festivals from your home and for FREE. Seriously, the breadth of disciplines and performance experience is absolutely delightful. Part of the fun of festivals like this is picking a show at random. You never know what you’re gonna get, and even if you don’t get the thing for your tastes, you’ll be supporting artists that are brave enough to put their work out in the world.

Of course, I want you to see my show, Rosegold. It’s good. I like it. A lot of people have used words like “…breathtaking. Beautiful and painful and perfect.” Hearing that makes me happy to share it with more people. I’ve been honored to be mentioned in a few pre-festival recommendation articles, which is encouraging. But truth-speaking y’all: Word of Mouth is the best advertisement any grass-roots artist could have. So if you like my show, please share it. If you like another show you see, please share it. If you wanna help a little Edinburgh-based get some attention and support for putting on this event, please share.

You are welcome to share your show recommendations here in the comments. (PLEASE make it clear that you are not phishing for spam, cleaning up all that mud is exhausting,)

I will also edit this post to tell you about the shows I see and share links to their pages. So come on back for some updates. And to visit me. We’ll share tea and grouse about anything you want. It’s therapeutic.

Love you, write back– D.

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