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From "Jordan's Quest", produced by Viewers Like You LLC


"Rosegold" turns up the fear factor to 11! What starts off as a straightforward confession of an alcoholic veers quickly into a ghost story, that left me wondering if Yarborough was actually going to step off the stage (or through the screen) and rip my throat out.With a sly glance and a brief, challenging shift of her aspect, the Rosegold storyteller yanks you from empathy to terror to uncertainty: it's 40 minutes of immensely satisfying mind-f*ck.  --Jay Parks


Donna, that was breathtaking. Beautiful and painful and perfect. --Dundee Lackey


"Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor":

“Diagnose This! is a frank, thoughtful, and hilarious show by Donna Kay Yarborough. Donna regales the audience with stories from her work as a medical actor. Of curse, as HIPPA requires, names and identifying information have been omitted to protect the guil---er...innocent. And Oh, what stories they were! I laughed (a lot!), I cried, I cringed along with Donna. My legs crossed at the mere sight of the speculum. I enjoyed the honest discussions, and I hope that many in the audience learned a little about what females often go through in the exam room. I appreciated the emotional rawness  that came with Donna retelling her personal story of why she chose to become a medical actor. In conclusion, this show should not be missed. I'll be bringing friends next time!”  -Angela Hardy 8/27/18


"[Diagnose] This! Tales of a Medical Actor" by Donna Kay Yarborough is an amazing work-- hilariously sly, impassioned, touching, enraging, saddening and proud. Yarborough moves effortlessly from laugh-til-your-sides-hurt bawdiness to the deeply personal to a serious examination of why our healthcare system so often fails the ill and the vulnerable. Yarborough is an outrageously funny comedian, a thoughtful writer, and a moving performer. See It!" --Jaguar Bennett