Diagnose This! in Victoria and Vancouver

Behold the luxurious speculums….

I’m taking “Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor” to Canada!

Next week I’ll be in Victoria, BC as a part of the 2019 Victoria Fringe Festival. It’ll be my first time in Victoria, and I’m looking forward to reveling in the last of the summer. I’ll be performing at VCM Wood Hall (Fringe Venue 4), 6 performances between Aug. 23rd–Sept. 1st. You can see showtimes buy tickets HERE AAAAAND share the Facebook event page HERE. (please share liberally)

THEN, I go straight to the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival. I’ll be at the False Creek Gym, sweetly placed in the heart of Granville Island, 6 performances between Sept. 7th-15th. See showtimes and buy tickets HERE AAAAND share the Facebook event page HERE. (be a Liberal and share share share)

“Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor” gives laughter-inducing glimpse into the world of Medical School. I share true, cringe-worthy stories of my work helping med students learn their craft. It’s like a one-hour TED talk…except less smug…and actually entertaining.  It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you cringe, and it’ll make you say “F*** THE SYSTEM!” (Contains strong opinions about the U.S. and blunt talk about lady parts.)

Do you know healthcare students, practicing physicians, patient advocacy organizations, or anybody that has dealt with healthcare in British Columbia or northern Washington? Send them my way! I’m looking forward to see how those that have Canadian healthcare feel about the American healthcare experience. It’s all about conversation.

All though I want everyone to come see me, I will be but one of a whole bunch of performing artists and spectacular shows at these festivals. If you’ve never been to a theatre Fringe festival before, let us get you hooked. Visit the websites for Victoria Fringe Festival and Vancouver Fringe Festival to find out more.

I look forward to seeing y’all! Love you, write back–