Drawing of The Year….

Hello, Folks.

The year is drawing to a close, and it is almost time to spring forward into the next cycle.
I feel like a lot of foundation work was laid for me this year in that ever slow-and-steady creep of progress that is the drive of the independent artist…Voice Over demos were recorded, Film Reel is in progress, website was begun (donnakayspeaks.com), and a show was filmed. Plus, on a personal note, I made a great leap forward in managing my depression so that I can give what I have to share with the world openly and confidently.

In the near future, I have a brand new show to establish (“Klondike Kate’s Sourdough Reunion Show”), an old show to resurrect (“Query The Crone”), and a primary mission to share “Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor” to the world. Each of these shows have so far been confirmed for one or more theatre Fringe festivals, carrying me to Fresno CA, Ashland OR, Orlando FL, and Regina SK, with hopes of more to come. Also, I will be continuing forward with my Voice Over and film acting studies, and I’ll be happily playing with ComedySportz and doing some solo improv and comedy here and there…Plus work-a-day responsibilities.

Everytime I think I don’t do enough, you all remind me that I do a LOT. I thank you for that, and I hope to honor your support.

Never doubt that it is YOUR support that helps folks like me navigate our way through this harsh world, and I wish upon you all the delight that is yours to have.

Love to you all,

BTW–That GoFundMe fundraiser is still up. I’m almost halfway there!