Have some more Rogue

are Hello, all! I'm gonna talk about Fresno Rogue Festival some more!

It really is a delightful festival. This is my SEVENTH!! (What?!) time to participate in this top-o-the-year delight. I truly consider it my "home festival", where I always feel welcome and I always have friends. And this is all the more reason to support Rogue in this unique year.

Aside from dealing with the Virtual landscape, the whole Tower District, the neighborhood from whence this freaky lil' event grows, is under a very literal threat of being destroyed from the inside out.

I'll let you read about it here. Let's just say that greed and a fundamentalist agenda has no care for tradition and uniqueness.

So this year, supporting Fringe theatre from your very own living room is more important than you think.

On happier matters, I have one more performance of "Rosegold"* to be seen, on Sunday, March 14th at 6 PM PST (8:00 Central). I'll be doing a Q & A after the show, so if that piques your interest, buy your ticket at


There are shows all weekend, so pull up a chair, cast your phone to your luxurious TV, or just gather around your phone, to watch my show and many more.

*Side Note: this is a new recording, so if you want to see the new developments, tune in. This is basically the most stretched out opening run EVER.


EDIT: I got a wonderful mention from the Munro Review 

Hopefully that will sweeten the pot a little more for ya