KC and more to see

Hello there, folx!

“Rosegold”, my li’l ol’ award-winning horror show is in high demand right now. Wanna see it? Well, here’s where you can:

KC Fringe: happening NOW until August 1st! Buy tickets HERE! (You can also LEAVE A REVIEW on the ticketing page. Please do, and get some traffic going to my show.)

Minnesota Fringe: August 5th-15th. Buy tickets HERE

Boulder Fringe: August 11th-27th. Tickets available soon.

Keybank Rochester Fringe Festival: Tickets available soon.

HERE’S A THING TO KNOW: these festivals often require you to buy a “button” in addition to the ticket price. What does this button do? It is what keeps these festivals going, helping with venue rental (when in-person), paying a wage to the talented stage technicians, and helping cover administrative costs for the hard-working staff. So don’t be put off by the token amount– it provides opportunities for everyone.

(Are these options out of your price range? Stick around for a secret option at the bottom of this post.)

Creepy Basement Fun

What if you want to see the show IN PERSON? Well, there’s opportunities in the Portland, OR area to do that, too! “Rosegold” is doing small house concerts, for lack of a better term. As you can see, the seating is very limited. If you want to find out about exclusive tickets, follow my Facebook page, Donna Kay Yarborough.

How about booking a house concert of your own? All you need is some chairs, a room that can have a black out, and an extra set of hands to help with that black out. This creepy show will be fun in October, the official month of spooky, or any time you feel like having a small gathering. For more information, email me: donna@donnakayspeaks.com.

And now for the secret option:

“Rosegold” will be part of the Thornhill Fringe Festival, based in the UK. Those shows will be streaming for cheap-as-free (unless you want to leave a tip for the artist–that’s me). This will be available all throughout the month of August. More details coming soon.

As always, word-of-mouth is the most valuable form of attention this show can get, so tell your friends and neighbors about the various ways to see my show. It means all the world to me, truly. (At a recent, lovely little fringe, a whole two people streamed my show. I’d like to get a few more than that. 🙂 )

Thank you for reading!