Klondike Kate’s in Regina!

Hello, folks! I’m writing from Regina, Saskatchewan. Yes, Regina is pronounced like…that.

The Regina Fringe Festival kicks off today, and “Klondike Kate’s Sourdough Reunion Show” will be performing for the next 5 days at St. Mary’s Church.

(Our news interviewer this morning accidentally called it “Klondike CAKE’S Sourdough Reunion Show’, so I’m hoping some baking enthusiasts show up. Whatever it takes to get folks in the door….)

We had successful inaugural runs in Fresno and Orlando, but the development process never ceases. Natalie Frijia (author), L. Nicol Cabe (director), and I have been working across international and state boundaries to sand down the rough edges and fill in the gaps on this lovely show, and I’m looking forward to taking it out for a sail.

Do you wanna see the show? Yes, you do! Go to our Facebook Event Page or go to the Regina Fringe Festival website to see showtimes and how to get tickets.

I’m off to practice! Gotta keep those spit curls fresh.

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