Odds n’ Ends ’til March Begins

Well, hello there!

It’s been a little quiet here, so here are some important-ish items:

In a few weeks, a virtual Fresno Rogue Festival will be occurring! “Rosegold” will be part of the line up, Showtimes are

March 6th, 2 pm PST

March 14th, 6 pm PST

For those of you that HAVEN’T seen it, here’s a little trailer:

You can buy tickets HERE and find out about all the other great streaming shows at FresnoRogueFestival.com

Also, I’m getting to participate in a couple more festival this year! I cannot reveal what they are yet, but I am very excited for them. My goal is to have a new recording of the show for each of these festivals, perfect for people who like to see things evolve.

Down-side of the festivals is the cost. Even though, this year, participation fees are less-expensive for many festivals, it’s still a tough nut to fund. (For the record, festival fees go towards paying the folx that keep the fest running, AND to pay the venue technicians what they deserve.)

So I’m out-right asking for donations. You can call it my birthday present! And don’t be afraid to just throw a few bucks if that’s all you can spare. It all adds up.

My PayPal and Venmo (preferred) handles are @DKYarborough

Whew! Now I can shake off the money pitch…

In other news: I have been COVID-hunkered down in Texas since last April, I am finally finding my way back to the Portland area around April 1st (no foolin’), so keep me in your thoughts of well-being as I drive across country in a few weeks. I’ll have space to set up my voice recording equipment, so look for an increase in audio content in a few months.

That’s it for now, friends!

(PS: my next post is going to be about the absurd world of theatre reviews. I’ve finally learned to laugh at one in particular, which I will share.)