Pittsburgh Fringe is Underway!

Howdy, folx! I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.

Pittsburgh Virtual Fringe Festival is up and running. My li’l horror show “Rosegold” is a part of it. It’s available for streaming rental on Vimeo for a mere $10. What a bargain! You can find it here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rosegold

This filming is thanks to my dear friend Mary Allen-Keating, filmed on her back porch at the last available moment before I headed back to the Pacific Northwest. Yes, that’s right– I’m back in the Portland Area!

So, of course, I want you to send people to my show, because… it’s mine. But I want to recommend a couple other shows:

Effing Robots: How I Taught the A.I. to Stop Worrying and Love Humans”. I got to see this show back in January as part of TheSpaceUK: Season 2. It is CHOCK-FULL of information about the development of Artificial Intelligence and it’s influence in our current society, and it’s funny!

Sexology: The Musical!” One woman’s journey into solo polyamory! This very humanized view of Non-Traditional Relationships/ Relationship Anarchy is a great primer for those that don’t know much about alternative approaches to mating, matching, and love. And, it’s musical.

Catch some virtual theatre from today (May 6th) to the 9th at http://www.pittsburghvirtualfringe.com/

(And hold on to your butts, because next week I’m gonna be all about the in-person debut of “Rosegold” at Orlando Fringe Festival.)