Every addict has reasons for using. Some reasons are more horrifying than others. Jamie is an alcoholic, and it’s her turn to share her story. A suspenseful testament of addiction and the inescapable darkness behind it. Horror/Storytelling


Frank SHEnatra

Frank Sinatra is dead, and God ("She has a wicked sense of humor") has placed him in the body of a woman. Faced with his new state, Ol' Blue Eyes reimagines his old standards with new lyrics about the changing times. Music/Parody


Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor

When an improv comic plays patient for student doctors, what results is an awkward, hilarious, and moving insight into the human condition. This comedic storytelling show will make you laugh, make you cry, make you cringe, and make you say "F*** THE SYSTEM!" Contains strong opinions and blunt talk of lady parts. Content Presentation/ Storytelling/ Comedy.

Query The Crone

Query The Crone is an interactive storytelling experience. A woman simply known as Rosemary lives alone in the foothills. All the villagers of the valley know she has a touch of "the sight", and they seek her out when in times of doubt. Whether you have a question to divine, or you just wish to hear her spin dark yarns and ballads, Query The Crone will enwisen, disturb, and delight. Interactive/ Improv/ Storytelling/ Atmospheric