Rosegold Reviews: I’m doing my job real good

I’ll be posting reviews for this incarnation of Rosegold* here. I am very pleased to this show affecting people as I had hoped. I’ll share reviews that even aren’t glowing accolades. I like to believe, “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have The Facts”** (even though it’s a little difficult to stand by that motto in all situations, as of late). I’ll add on as they roll out.

* ”This incarnation?”,you may ask. There will be more performances live-streaming and in-person eventually.

** Folx of a Certain Age will curse me for this “song bomb” later.



“… it toys with the tropes we recognise from both the traditional Christmas ghost story and the type of horror film that includes ‘found footage’.”

”There are no frills in this piece of digital theatre,… but it has a great power in creating the images being described within the viewer’s mind.”

”Remember how you felt when you passed a car crash and had a strong desire to look, even though you knew you shouldn’t?  Listening to Jamie’s recollection, with all its missing pieces and misremembrance, draws in the viewer, wanting to catch her out, to understand how that one event could have brought her to this level of indulgence and reliance on drink.”

Full North West End UK review HERE



“…an utterly compelling horror story.”

“Rosegold is not a conventional horror story; Donna Kay Yarborough is so confident, she even mocks the clichés of the genre. When Jamie describes the arrangements she and her friends made for a trip, she sighs and remarks, “Sounds like a horror movie.” The closet comparison one can think of is the film It Follows in which a curse descends on an innocent group of friends…. Rosegold is an intense experience and essential viewing.”

Full British Theatre Guide review here:



“An enthralling exploration of the horrors of addiction and trauma”

“Rosegold is an enthralling work that successfully blends Lovecraftian terror with the everyday horrors of addiction. Simple in its execution, but with far greater depth than one might expect, Yarborough proves herself to be a masterful writer and performer with a great deal of promise.”

Full The Wee Review review HERE:


From John Chapman/ 2ND FROM BOTTOM:

“Donna Kay Yarborough… has a canny knack of telling a tale which both draws you in and repulses in equal measure and the sense of horror becomes palpable, enhanced by some telling sensory detail…. As Jamie tells her story, Yarborough becomes increasingly haggard and distraught (understandably) and does so without recourse to make up or lighting changes – she is clearly in full command of her material and gives a mesmerising performance….this American tale may send you to bed with the horrors – both of the unknown which is in the darkness and that which constitutes addiction.”

John Chapman’s full review Here:

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