Saskatooooooooon! I’m scary, but also funny.

Hello, folx!

As is my pattern lately, I’m late to inform you that I open “Rosegold” tonight at the Saskatoon Fringe Festival! Wanna see a show? Here’s the deets:

I finally got this posted with help of my “billet cat” Louis:

Thigh support

Where am I next? I’ll be in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the top of September.

But where was I Sunday night? I participated in the Portland’s Funniest Person contest at Helium PDX. I didn’t advance to the next round because of a lack of “swallowing jizz” jokes, but I am proud of what I did.

Content Warning: Adult Subjects and Language, Talkin’ About My Momma

Should I do more stand-up? Should I be a walking contradiction of dramatic actor and stand-up comedian? I always like a challenge.

Anyhoo, hopefully I’ll post sooner than later, but we can have a separate discussion about Depression and The Artist’s Life later.

BTW– a friend died this week. Last time I saw him, we shared a big hug and I Love Yous. Do that often and honestly with your family and friends.

I love y’all. *hug*

OH! P.S.– “Rosegold” won Artists’ Pick Of The Fringe at Cincy Fringe Festival! This award is nominated by fellow artists, so I feel extra-honored by this gift.