SURPRISE! I’m droppin’ turkeys in Cincinnati!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve neglected you. I’m not good a keeping in touch. I teased you with mentioning a “TBA” festival in my previous post. Hey, guess what? I’m at it right now! Cincy Fringe 2019 is in full swing, and I am part of it! “Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor” is 3 shows in a full set of 8, and audiences have been warm and loving. There are still several opportunities to see my show (get tickets HERE) and a whole host of wonderful shows, so if you’re anywhere near Cincinnati, OH, get yourself to the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood for some lovely old architecture and some damn fine theatre.

Also, my next festival coming up is in Regina, SK, where myself, author Natalie Frijia, and director L. Nicol Cabe will be revisiting “Klondike Kate’s Sourdough Reunion Show”. It was a sleeper show in Orlando Fringe Festival, but it got absolutely lovely reviews from The Orlando Sentinel and Freeline Media. If you know any folks in central Canada, send them to my Regina. (Verbal joke, couldn’t resist…yes, Regina is pronounced like that.)

PLUS! In between these shows, I’ll be leading tours back in ye olde Portland, OR for Eat Adventures Food Tours. There’s a whole buffet of tour options, and all of our tour guides are experienced servers, so make time for a culinary adventure while in Portland.

If you’re curious about my cross-country, solo-driving, is-she-still-alive adventures, make sure to follow my Instagram @DonnaKaySpeaks. Lots of hot ass, as seen here:

Dat Asses…