Sweet Sweet Rosegold Praise

Hiya, folx!

Just a quick note to drop some good reviews for "Rosegold".

From the Orlando Sentinel :

"... riveting....The beauty of Yarborough’s tale is how it blends the everyday with the philosophical with the spine-tingling. She hits the tropes of any good horror story head-on — and then turns them on their head.... Unwanted feelings of darkness, pain and terror are not reserved solely to those who struggle with alcoholism, of course. But in a show as artful as this, they are welcome emotions to behold."

(you can see a text-only version of the article here.)


From the Orlando Weekly:

"You’ve seen this kind of well-intentioned self-help testimonial at Fringe countless times before, and you can tell exactly where it's going … until writer-performer Donna Kay Yarborough takes a sinister turn deep in the woods, tearing away the gossamer veil that separates our reality from the shape-shifting shadows lurking beyond the corner of your eye....  fans of Stephen King, David Lynch and H.P. Lovecraft will find plenty to sink their canines into."


I can't thank these reviewers enough.

Share the word, there are several more live shows, and several festivals in the near future. And you, thank you for reading and being there for me.